9 months old activities

1. Baby's Babbles:
Smartphone or video camera
Infant seat
Seat your baby in her infant chair and sit down beside her.
Set your phone or camera to "record" and talk to your baby, make mouth noises, vocalize in a variety of ways, and so on, to get your baby to talk back.
Pause between your vocalizations so your baby has a chance to answer you.
After you've both made some funny noises, turn off the recorder and play back the recording for your baby.
Don't play back the sound too loudly, to protect your baby's hearing.

2.Wrap a few boxes, simply, and stuff a few gift bags with colorful tissue paper. Allow your infant to pull out the tissue and unwrap the paper by ripping it apart. After one time, place the shreds of paper in the box, wrap again-if you desire-and let her unwrap another time discovering the previously shredded paper pieces inside. (Reaction should look like: "Hey! I've seen these before!") Great for motor control of the hands, fingers and wrist as well as eye hand coordination and sensory exploration.

3.Turn your baby pool into an indoor activity during the colder months: create a ball pit. Fill the pool with colored plastic balls. You can find them at Wal-Mart or on amazon

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