Bedtime fights and tantrums

It seems every time my step son, hunter 4yrs, is here he fights bedtime. Especially when dad's called into work, he works thirds, like tonight he had a meeting and still not back. The kids are still up so I've put on a movie hoping to settle them down to crash out on the couch

How can I ease this to make it easier?
Its very difficult since we only get Hunter 1-2 nights a week.

Plus Kendall's been fighting bedtimes but is still up at his regular time. I've even been struggling to get him to nap too. Is it the nicer weather? Or just an age thing?

I don't want them to get in the habit of they get to fall asleep in front of the TV I want to tuck them in and no fights or screaming/crying tantrums.

    tough one , let them fall asleep on the couch give them a blanket and a pillow there , it aint worth the trauma
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