TV for baby: does it help or hurt?

I feel that some shows help baby's but you as the parent need to set the limits because to much TV can hurt because as they get older you don't want them to always be glued to it. I would also as they get older watch the TV show before your child if you can to see if you feel the show is safe for them to watch.

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Epiffany endress
Yes we do limit our kids we let them watch it in the morning while getting ready for school at 12:30 the TV stays off until 2 or 3 then on until 5 and if we don't have somewhere to go they watch TV till 7 and have our dance time till 8 then showers and TV until 9. They go to school from 9-11:30 on the weekend it is different we watch TV movies all weekend long. so we kind of limit them
    I think it depends on the program when I had dish instead of cable I had a channel that was strictly baby programs!!! Granted my daughter is only 15 months and doesn't really have an interest in TV right now but when I had it on in her room and the program rainbow horse came on she knew the music stopped what she was doing and danced or the notekins they were all developmental programs so if her TV was on in her room it was on baby first
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