No more bottles after 1st birthday?

Olivia will be 1 Saturday. Her dad and I aren't together, but he has visitation with her. He was telling me today that we should stop giving her bottles after Saturday. I have read that you should start taking bottles away but leave the last bottle of the night, as the very last bottle to go. I think he Is wanting to stop giving her bottles all together.

I was just wondering what your thoughts were on that?

    I would stop bottles as soon as you can... just my opinion. My son had a bottle till he was ahem... too old... let us just say that... Anyway our dentist said that we stopped the bottle just in time because any longer and there could have been malformation of his mouth ... because of how the mouth hold the nipple of the bottle. I am told that this malformation can happen when children have a pacifier too long too (we never used a pacifier sO I have no experience with that) ...anyway my son is now 8 and his mouth is good... but just beware that things can go wrong in the dentistry realm if left on the bottle past 2
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