PSD & Severe Cramping

I had SEVER PSD while I was pregnant. I was diagnosed at month 8 but had it for much much longer than that. Physical Therapy was useless & Chiropractors I will not use. I have personal reasons. Anyway PSD is where your hormones make ur hips & Pubic bones seperate to prepare for birth. Walking it off makes it worse, sleep you can't. The pain is just unbearable from your butt down. Your bones literally dislocate & get jammed. Its horrible. I felt as if it went away after my pregnancy, but, now that I am back to work as dishwasher it's getting jammed again. HURTS SO BAD.
During pregnancy nothing helped besides Hydrocodone 500. I felt guilty about accepting the medicine but it helped BIG TIME. Well I'm scared to say anything because it did stop but work making it come back. I feel that if I ask I will sound like I'm a druggie or something because I didn't say anything sooner. but I HAVE TO WORK. My fiance was laid off & I am the only source of income right now.
I HATE how the perscription addiction has risen so much that they treat patients as druggies. I have never abused it, I never even tooken it before this. But, doctors around here treat everyone like they are out to get something. I HATE that it makes me scared to ask for help. I don't know what to do. I have tried hot packs cold packs, icy hot, tylenol, ibprofin, aleve, stretching. Nothing helping. I'm so lost :(

    Well I took Ultram for it first & then tylenol 3 but neither helped at all. This pain is really horrible. Now I'm super worried because I'm getting Implanon & I am a very petite and skinny girl. No meat on my bones.. well I work tomorrow after procedure of getting it put in & am worried once I leave & it isn't numb of the brusing & soreness for the first few days on top of my hip. & not to mention I have been having severe cramping on & off. I am all messed up. The cramping they have no idea. I have a very small cyst on my ovaries but he said it isn't what is causing it. So IDK. I just cannot continue working through pain I'm already going through & more thats going to hurt. I HAVE TO WORK THOUGH. I'm at an end here & feel all is hopeless
      I just guess he's going to have to think I'm lying. I'm not but all these things are killing me. Worried but gotta tell him my concerns. Hopefully implanon won't kill my arm... i only weigh 98 pounds though so I see it hurting for a few days. No question!
      Cramping has slowed down to only happening on occasion so thats good ig. But this PSD OMG!
      I have a very physical job. Dishwasher in cafeteria. I have to work fast and hard EVERYDAY. Its alot of lifting & pushing
        I know. I honestly don't want it long term. I just want it long enough to deal with the physical therapy pain. They put a hurting on me. && I finally explained it to the doctor & that is what we did. I also have to watch the way I step & Sleep. Sleep legs together not on back & when I walk up stairs and such I have to take step have feet meet on step & continue like this. Its rough but I am making it through
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