Post Office Rant

I seriously have the WORST experiences at the post office! The line is always ridiculous, when I went there to get my wedding invite weighed to make sure I had correct postage, they told me I put it on there, tried to send them then they told me I needed to buy more! This was 3 years ago, now we have changed our address, i paid online and got it all done....we are still getting our mail at our old address, so I called their help line, and they don't even recognize our old address as and address, which is totally ridiculous because they deliver the mail there everyday, and now not a single customer service rep has any idea how to fix this issue....

The post office just makes me mad, I avoid going at all costs...what is your most frustrating place to deal with?

    As someone who does A LOT of stuff with the post office... does your old address have anything special about it?? If you/they don't match it perfectly with whatever is in the system, it doesn't work. For example, we once lived on Clarke avenue... at least that's what the post office had it as.... the street sign said "Clark". We could get mail either way, but when I had to do forwarding through the post office it didn't work until I added the E. Obnoxious? Oh MY GOSH YES. But hopefully that will help you :)
      Our local authorities.. for sure. We had to evict some tenants for non payment of rent. Judge signed an order enforcing an IMMEDIATE surrender of property... a week later they were still there and when my bf called to ask what was going on the judge said.. "Oh.. well y'know as long as they're moving".. REALLY!?!?! Because we're losing money by not having renters.. and don't sign your name, the one you used when you took that oath to be judge if you aren't going to enforce what you're signing! gahhhh!!!

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