Rolling over?

Savannah is 5 months old today and she has yet to roll over from front to back. Is this normal?

    Normal is whatever your baby is doing.. Mine didn't roll over but once before 6 or 7 months.. or they would do the half roll to their side, but everything else was fine.. they were just lazy lol..

    Lat on the floor with her and roll her gently with your hands on her belly.. move her little leg to help her learn where it goes on the flip.. and make it fun and silly and when you get her rolled over.. reward her with big smiles and kisses.. she will get it .. don't worry :)
      Every baby is different!! It took Hayden and Audrey a long time to start rolling... Mason rolled SUPER early.

      You can try to encourage rolling by putting a toy out of reach off to the side, or laying next to her and trying to grab her attention, but you don't need to - she will roll eventually!!
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