27 encouraging words positive parenting.


This was on Moms.com. I love this article thought that if you haven't seen it I would share it and ask you moms what positive encouraging phrases do you use everyday with your children.

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      Even if I have to point something out to my kids that they didn't do well... whether it's homework or a test or how they made their bed, I always try the sandwich effect..

      I say something nice, then the part that's a critique then something nice again..

      So, I'll say "Wow.. your handwriting looks awesome... it's really clean and perfect.. Don't forget that "Er" is with an E.. so let's try and work on these words.. cause I know you know them and you need to do better on your spelling tests, but this one.. how did you know how to spell that? You are so smart, that's one that people usually get wrong.. but not you.. "

      I'm by no means perfect.. but the sandwich effect works every time..
        Love the sandwich effect Jessica Garvin!!

        We do something similar where when we have to correct behavior we say things like "I love that you are having so much fun, but that's a little bit too loud/wild for inside the house. Do you think you could calm down just a bit for us??" or things along those lines - positive, and corrective instead of just negative.
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