Teaching Competitive Kids How to Lose

I thought this article was interesting. Do any of you have competitive kids? How do you teach them how to lose gracefully?

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      My son knows it's okay to lose. but he doesn't like it.. at all.. No matter to whom or what.. I think kids measure so much on a game, whether it's monopoly or tag or swimming races.. They know to lose well.. I told them that they don't have to LIKE it.. that no one LIKES to lose.. but that's okay and be kind and say Good Job and then go into your from and rant.. lol
        I need to bookmark this article!! Mason and his best friend have suddenly gotten extremely competitive and they turn EVERYTHING into competition - be it eating lunch fastest, getting upstairs first, going to the bathroom first... EVERYTHING. The problem is neither one of them can stand to lose. Whoever loses either makes up a new competition immediately that they know they will win, or dissolves into tears and comes running for his mommy.
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