Cost of preschool changes by location

Having moved while my son was in daycare/preschool I can confidently say that the cost changes based on where you live. When we were in Maryland, we were paying $400/week for full time care. Here, we pay $200/MONTH for 9 hours/week. Our needs for care changed, but the price changed even more drastically. I think full time care here is around $600/month as opposed to the nearly $1600/month we paid in Maryland!

How much do you pay for daycare/preschool??

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    It's just outside of Charleston :) Gorgeous area!
      My schedule has always been a hard one for most day-care facilities to accommodate (there are not a lot that will open at 5am and stay open until 6-6:30pm) and I've always ended up having to eat a huge day-care bill. I was averaging about $250 - $300 week depending on my total number of hours needed. When I finally started getting some monetary help from her father, I used the extra money to enroll her in a Montessori program three days a week. I for one, definitely cannot wait until she starts Kindergarten this fall so I can see what having a few extra hundred dollars a week feels like!
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