Baby kicks

My husband loves to feel the baby kick. It always take a little while for the baby to kick when he puts his hand on my belly but when it does kick he has the biggest smile on his face!!

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    I know kicks always made it much more "real" for my husband. It's hard to remember that the men don't have any symptoms or changes in their lives just because we are pregnant... I always forget it's not as serious for him because I feel SO MUCH and have SO MANY changes, and hubby just kind of waits for the baby to come out.... but kicks always helped too
      Yes, my husband loved to feel the baby kick! He would start talking to her and she would respond with kicks. It was so cute! He first felt her kick for the first time when I was 21 weeks and it was also on the 1 year anniversary of his dad's passing. A very special moment for us!
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