33 years old mom: should I have a baby now or wait?

i got pregnant with my one and only at 31, had her after i turned 32. best decision i ever made, waiting on having her.

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    Destiny, can I ask why you feel it was the best decision to wait? Not judging, just curious as you seem very adamant about it. Were there certain things you were able to accomplish that you may not have been able to had you had her earlier?
    Im a long term relationshipper. I was never "ready" with any past boyfriends even after 4-5 years. and even as a teenager, I thought 30 was a good age. I couldn't see myself being a young mom. I was way too irresponsible, flighty and moody. even tho I'm still moody some, I feel like now that I'm older, and by waiting, I can give my daughter the best of me since most of the worst ive already worked out.
      I didn't wait on purpose. I didn't know I could have children so Charlie was a surprise... a great one, but a surprise nonetheless. I was 33 when I got pregnant, 34 when I had him and lord willing we aren't finished. My bf is 47 now, we do have a new mortgage to accommodate a growing family but we wouldn't trade it for having him early for anything. Aside from that mortgage we own everything, no debts, he's stable in his job and that allows me to stay at home with Charlie everyday.

      Do what's best for your family hon, no matter what things land where they should :)
        I could see why waiting would be beneficial financially. I was 24 when Avery was born and even though I'd had a career, home, and car we were still very much in the "accumulating" phase of life. We're still paying off student loans and trying to move to our final home. If we had waitied we may have been over some of those financial hurtles.

        The reason I DIDN'T wait is because I want 3 kids and I was worried that if we waited too long I may be too old to want that third child. Especially if there are issues with fertility along the way, that could make it take even longer.

        Plus I loved my husband and I felt ready to share everything I could with a new little person :)
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