My baby is so constipated and doesn't poop on his own.

We have been using Vaseline and a q-tip to release his poop. We called the doctor and they said to just add 1/2 oz more water to his bottle? Any tips on what you have done for this issue??

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    I haven't ever had any experience with a little baby being constipated - so I would just follow the advice of your doctor. Once he is bigger, we've always been able to cure up constipation with a little bit of prune juice!
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        Nikki, Charlie is also on formula for sensitive tummies and the iron does have something to do with it. I just asked our doc yesterday because Charlie hadn't pooped for 3 whole days. Doc said as long as it's not like little round hard balls of poop, as long as the color and texture is consistent, we shouldn't worry about it. I know some moms try a small amount of apple or pear juice diluted with water but I've never tried that.
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        My name is Nicole. I'm a first time mom. I really am just looking for advise and any helpful tips. I'm 27 years old and I'm a cosmetologist. I'm from the state of Washington and currently living in Missoula, Mt while my fiance goes to college.
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