Stay at home jobs

I really want to see if there is a job I could get to stay at home with my new baby.

    Hi Nikki,
    There are some jobs you can do while at home with your son. I know data entry jobs are pretty commonly from home - you just need your computer and a good internet connection.
    Working at home is a pretty frequent conversation here on, so you may find some helpful tips if you use the search function to look up all the posts on this topic :)
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      Congratulations on the birth of Logan! How has our first month of motherhood treated you?

      The others have mentioned the things I would about working from home.
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      My name is Nicole. I'm a first time mom. I really am just looking for advise and any helpful tips. I'm 27 years old and I'm a cosmetologist. I'm from the state of Washington and currently living in Missoula, Mt while my fiance goes to college.