Sinus infection

I got my first sinus infection and did not know it they are so terrible! Has anyone else had one? My mom has gotten them from time to time, though she did not have any issues with them until she was pregnant. I never had any sinus issues until I got pregnant. At least now I know what to watch for and can hopefully catch it before it gets too bad if it happens again.

    I hate getting sinus infections ); I'm sorry you feel like poop.
      8Theresa Gould
      My husband gets them. He use to use over the counter stuff but now relies on peppermint essential oil - no side affects and he can drive! :)
        Mine is acute, so I'm on antibiotics. The doctor was worried about it turing into something worse. So far they have been helping with the pain and fever/chills, though still have this nasty cough. Any suggestions for the cough? I am back at work today and can tell it is so dry in here since my cough is much worse today.
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