4 month shots woes... sigh

Man.. Charlie did so well at his 2 month shots. He was asleep by the time I got him dressed at the docs office.. I gave him Tylenol one time (the only time I've ever given him medicine).. he was back to his normal self that night...

Now.. not so much. Jeepers! He cried a little more than last time, understandable.. Luckily he slept A LOT yesterday... but today.. oy. I gave him some Tylenol after checking to see if there were any other culprits. He fell asleep for 20 minutes, woke up screaming, and that's pretty much what our day has been. We took a bath, his favorite thing.. that helped tremendously, until we got out.

After another hour of screaming he fell asleep again, now thank God daddy is home for lunch and he's in a good mood for a little while.

This has been the toughest day so far... I feel so bad for my little man....

    Melissa Middleton
    It breaks my heart as well when I cannot make my son feel better right away. He was so upset when he got his first shots and was not himself for a few days. He had tears streaming down his face--stab me right in the heart!
    We had screaming fits that lasted 4 days. Sheesh. Those were anything but fun (but it was normal for babies to be like that, some--not all.
    His four month shots are due in a little over a month (he had to get his 2 month shots at 10 weeks because he caught a head cold and it had to be cancelled, twice). I am hoping he does better this time.

    I hope Charlie feels better. I feel bad for the little one, too
      8Theresa Gould
      Hope he feels better soon and is back to normal.
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