What a morning

Finally a chance to catch up with myself for a few minutes anyways. After my normal morning routine of getting the kids up and off to school I had a doctor's appointment at 9 so I had Chloe, Nick and Cody with me, they were good, Chloe was a bit fussy though but the other two were fine. After the doctor's appointment I stopped by McDonald's to get coffee and sat there while Chloe and Nick were going down the slide. After we left there we stopped by Walmart because I forgot to get diapers for Cody on Saturday and ran out of them this morning, the things that slip my mind sometimes and having a pregnant brain on top of that lol. But finally got back home and get to sit down for a few minutes, I turned the TV on for the kids and Chloe started watching and fell asleep so I think it's nap time for them since I have to get things done around here before the rest of the kids get home.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
    8Theresa Gould
    I'm surprised you didn't catch a nap with your children, especially this late in your pregnancy.
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