Haircut Results (For real this time)

I uploaded the worse-looking pictures of the new cut lol, sorry! But here, after the failed blonde-dye attempt, is the new do!

Haircut Results (For real this time)Haircut Results (For real this time)Haircut Results (For real this time)
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      8Theresa Gould
      It looks nice! I never got around to getting my hair cut during the winter and don't want to cut mine off the way it needs to be or else I won't be able to put it up for the summer. I get waaay too hot with my hair on my neck.
        What kind of dye did you use? Your hair is dark so you probably can't get blond from a box.

        There are bleaching kits though. Don't let the word bleaching scare you, lol. Go to Sally's or whatever beauty store you have near you and try this:,…

        Don't get the blue package though, unless you want it super light. There's another one that comes in a yellow package, can't think of the name of it. It will work though.
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