Scary moments?

Have you had any scary moments with your kids? I have had a few but the one that really scared the crap out of me was around Christmas time. I had Christmas light hung around the window and my 2 year old was sitting in the window looking at them. All of a sudden I hear a loud pop and my son starts freaking out. He had bit the light bulb and shocked the hell out of himself. It was a red light bulb so when I looked in his mouth it was completely red I thought he was bleeding from the mouth and completely freaked! Everything turned out to be fine and he learned a good lesson not to put light bulbs in this mouth anymore.. Scared the crap out of me!

    That would scare me too! I'll keep that in mind and make sure decorations are up high. Selena likes to get what ever he can in her mouth.
      All of my friends told me, in list form, of all of the places their children fell from. I was so freaked out by that. Like, how could you let your kid fall! LOL.. silly me. I thought I had it all down until one day when Charlie was laying next to me on the couch - like he always does- and I turned to grab a diaper from the table - like I always do-.. and then.. thump. And I look over and he's laying on the floor. Scared me so dang bad. He was all smiles a minute later but I took him to the doc just in case... That was definitely the scariest thing so far.. but he's a boy and it's only been 4 months so.. there's more coming I'm sure.
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