Mixing different baby formulas.

The only time I have mixed formula was after a hard learned lesson about a cold switch from one to the next. If I have to switch formula, which I try not to do, I add less and less of the old formula each day until completely switched to the new. It takes a while but the alternative is awful on my poor Charlie's tummy. If you're switching to or from Soy, I would not use this method. Best to talk to your pediatrician before making any changes to your babies diet.

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    One of my old school friend's baby had a terrible time on formula. First the switch to it from breastmilk was rough and he was gassy and fussy for days, and then her husband bought a different kind one day and the poor little boy's stomach was messed up again for days. I'm just glad nina seems adaptable! When I ran out of milk and had to give her formula, she didn't bat an eye. She doesn't mind Enfamil or Similac Advance, switching never bothered her except for Gerber. She. HATES. Gerber. I've not mixed the two, yet, though...I was always worred that might make her sick or something!
      Oh goodness. I'm sorry you had to learn that lesson the hard way! Does mixing formula make it harder to make the bottles?
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