Body Image Issues

So I was watching what not to wear on TLC earlier today and it got me thinking. The woman on the show this episode had terrible body image issues. She apparently developed quickly as a teenager (size EEE bra in highschool) and was often the victim of bullying and sexual harassment. She became very self conscious and threw herself into sports. She didn't want to draw attention to herself so she wore sporty clothes most of the time. It followed her into adulthood where she never wears anything girly or flashy. She doesn't want the rest of the world to notice her for her clothes.

I realized that I dress very similar to her, for similar reasons, but I have a very different body type. I'm short and skinny with a small chest (size A bra's until I started nursing...). I've been an active athlete since I was 12 so my legs are very muscular, but because of my short stature I feel like they look chunky. I'm addicted to blue jeans. You'll never find me in a skirt or dress because I don't want people to see my legs. I will wear shorts/capri pants in the summer, but it takes forever for me to find something that fits just right. On top I wear long sleeve or short sleeve t-shirts. They're usually form-fitting because I feel like it's the only way people will see the small amount of curves I do have, but they're never low cut or revealing. Mostly cotton tees, really. I don't wear bright colors, I'm terrible at accessorizing, and I don't like anything that will draw attention to my clothes.

It's funny because even if I find something that I think would look cute on me, but is a bit out of my norm I won't buy it. I feel like my friends would notice that I put effort into my outfit and I don't want them to think I care about stuff like that. Isn't that dumb? I don't even realize I do it most of the time.

I guess this just goes to show you that skinny, curvy, tall, or short, we all find things we don't like about ourselves. Maybe writing this out will help me see how silly I am about clothes and step out of my comfort zone.

How did you ladies find your sense of style?

    I've a terrible self-image as well...partly why I cut my hair-as kind a "fresher" feel >.< Before I was pregnant, I was average height but skinny with small but not too small bra size...I felt like I was fat at the time (even though I only weighed 120ish lbs), but now I really, really miss that. I'm working on getting rid of leftover babyfat! Right now, I feel insecure because of the leftover weight, but when I was still skinny/in good shape, I loved button up shirts and collared shirts. I usually wore jeans, but lately I've started loving dresses...but I refuse to wear them until I'm at my goal weight again! I want nina to grow up with better body image than I have >.< In high school, my mom hated my sense of fashion so I'd play it up, rock T Shirts, old jeans, etc...but I got over that once I started hanging out with Trevor. I wanted to look nice. My go-to look now is a nice, comfortable pair of jeans, my comfy brown sandals, and a button up collared shirt, or an open button up collared shirt with a tank top underneath.
      8Theresa Gould
      I'm with Brande on being comfortable in the clothes I wear. I go for comfort over fashion and style.
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