The Duality of Raising Children

This was a great article about how raising kids is the best and the worst time of our lives. It's hard, dirty, never ending work that constantly asks you to put yourself second (or third or fourth). It's also an amazing experience to see growth and change. To feel unconditional love. To share all of the most intimate parts of our selves with someone who will carry it with them into the next generation.

Do you think this is the best time of your life?…

    I think without a doubt this is the best times of our life. But that doesn't mean it's easy to remember or realize. I think about the pride I feel when my kids do little things... Pooping on the toilet, waving, feeding themselves, learning to blow their noses... stuff we take for granted as adults. I will never ever be proud of someone for peeing on a toilet instead of their pants once my kids are grown up. I will never ever cheer and clap because someone stands up for 30 seconds without holding onto something. I will never ever be counted on the way my 3 children depend on me right now. I (and their father) are their entire world, and that will change all too soon.

    But even though there is so much awe and wonder and joy in this stage of life... it's VERY hard. It's hard to remember that I will someday miss a sassy Audrey sitting on the steps rolling her eyes at me because I put her in timeout. It's hard to remember that someday Mason won't whine at me constantly. It's hard to remember that someday Hayden will not only walk, she'll walk away from me. To steal a quote from literature.... it was the best of times, it was the worst of times ;)
      8Theresa Gould
      I didn't take time to read the article but based on what you said, I'd have to agree.
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