TV for children: Everything In Moderation!

The great TV debate! I am a firm believer that everything can be harmful if you aren't careful about it. Seriously, EVERYTHING. TV is no different. TVs shouldn't be used as a crutch or as a way to zone out and ignore your children. That said, I don't think some TV is bad for a baby or younger child as long as you are limiting the amount of time spent watching, and controlling what is on the TV. I do not let my kids watch the news - Mason and Audrey both understand too much of it and it makes them worry something bad will happen to them/us/people we know. However they are allowed to watch some netflix... it's not every day, and only a show or two at most, but they do watch. Hayden watches with them... sometimes.

BethSummerville, South Carolina
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    I think that it totally depends on what you are watching and for how long.

    My husband and I are one of those "TV on as background noise" kind of people. Now that Avery is here we keep the shows we have on to things that are appropriate for her to be around. She doesn't really watch it, but I don't want her to hear bad things either.

    A little silence in the house is good thing, though.
      8Theresa Gould
      Moderation is key in everything, I agree. Our TV watching has slowly increases since 2008 and we are starting to limit it again because there is too much to do outside and it's starting to get too nice to be inside.
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