Not breast feeding

I TRIED for 6 days when my Son was born and my milk NEVER came in. I want to encourage the Moms that are formula feeding your babies that it is PERFECTLY fine. YOU are a WONDERFUL Mother. We want our babies to be fed and nourished, and unfortunately the nourishment does not come from our bodies.

Also, PLEASE know you are able to bond with your baby as well. I LOVE talking to my son and caressing his hair while I feed him. I also appreciate that ANYONE can feed him if they want to (which give me a break)

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    As someone who has breastfed past 2... and also formula fed long before 1 I want to say the important thing is that you are feeding your child. It makes my blood boil that formula feeders often feel (and honestly often ARE) judged.
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      So very true. Thank you for sharing.
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