Ovarian cysts and pregnancy

It is very common for women of child bearing age to have an ovarian cyst. Just one or two ovarian cysts is a normal part of reproduction and probably does not indicate a problem.

In your normal monthly cycle a follicle develops, inside that follicle is an egg. As the egg matures a cyst forms around the egg. So having a cyst during your cycle of even during the early weeks of pregnancy is normal. Sometimes a normal cyst can cause pain or even rupture and cause complications. If you have any symptoms of pain make sure to let you doctor know.

Multiple cysts can be a sign of a problem know as polycystic ovarian syndrome and your doctor should be able to help you understand and manage this condition.

It is very possible for a women to get pregnant with an ovarian cyst but it may be harder or take long if the women has abnormal cysts or too many cysts.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I was told I had cysts once but nothing was done about them and I think one burst and the pain was worse than child birth, if it was.
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