Tips for helping a young father with a baby

If they ask how to do something, tell them and let them develop their own way. I know mine asked and then eventually did things his own way once he was more comfortable. He just didn't have much experience with babies and children.

Encourage them they CAN do it, if they think they can't.

Voice your appreciation to them for doing things with and for baby.

Love on him so he doesn't feel left out when baby has taken over your life. They are still your partner with needs.

My hubby says, "Just do it." ;)

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    My man is amazing with our son. He only asks me questions on how to do something, if he knows I do it a certain way, other than that he does everything his own way. He's a totally different person the second our son is in his arms, and he loves our son so much. The only thing he asked me about was our bedtime bath routine since last night I had a migraine headache and couldn't do it.
      I like this advice. It can be scary to care for a newborn and most fathers want to make sure they aren't going to hurt the baby. Gentle guidance and support can really help.
        Amanda Hurley
        Except for Connor, my husband has been very hands on with all of our kids. I encourage him by leaving the house and leaving him with the kiddos. He was great with all of them when they were babies.
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