Do you do something special for sweet 16 birthdays?

One of the mom's (Virginia) posted her daughter was turning sweet 16 and someone asked her if they had special party plans. So it made me wonder what everyone else did/does.

We didn't do anything special for our oldest's 16th birthday. Are we awful? We celebrated like we normally do with a special meal, dessert and a movie.

On my 16th I went to the movies with a couple of friends, one of the few times my parents dropped me off at the mall by myself with friends and then I got my ears pierced a second time.

What about you?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    when I turned 16, my dad bought me my first beautiful rose bush. I still smile everytime I go back to my parents, when I see it still growing.
      I got them a party bus and they went were ever they wanted to go for four hours. Came home sang happy birthday, ate cake & ice cream, had some more fun, then everyone went home.
        5Mary Hunt
        We wanted to do something for Hannah's but she wanted to stay with her mom so all she got was a "Happy Birthday" from us and her mom and step-dad ignored her for the day and then left her home alone that night. No acknowledgement what-so-ever. Her choice though. For Chesnie we will but we have plenty of years before that comes around. :)
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