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When I had my daughter, I had severe preeclampsia. I was stuck in bed for several days after she was born. I felt pretty confident about how he'd be with our daughter because he always gives me the princess treatment. Since I was sick, he really had to dive into fatherhood with our little preemie. She was the first baby he ever held. So, he obviously didn't have any experience with babies. I think it really helped them bond though. He woke up for every midnight and 3 am feeding with me. There was never a time that I got up with the baby and he stayed in bed. Even now that she's a toddler, he's the most hands-on dad I've ever seen. We do her bath time together, bed time together, dinner time together, family play time. Our weekends are always spent doing something together as a family. Whenever he gets home from work during the week, he takes over with her and I cook dinner. I feel very lucky to have him as my husband. I think the best way for them to learn is to dive right in and gain the experience.

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    The biggest thing I learned from watching my kids dad become a dad.. was to back off and LET HIM DO IT.. It was so hard. and he did it so wrong.. lol.. In MY eyes.. but the thing was.. as I realized that.. he wasn't going to HURT the baby, so I had to.. and I'm glad that I did.. because if the mom does everything then the baby really only wants her and then you can't get a break.. even in another room.. you can hear them cry for you..

    Sometiems I would have to leave.. even if just a walk around the block.. to get away so that I wasn't a helicopter..
    haha, you bring up a good point, Jessica. Even if your spouse doesn't do things exactly how you do it, that's ok. Although I have a pretty strict routine with certain things, variety is good too. I wouldn't say my husband and I have identical tactics.

    If you ever leave your kids with a baby sitter or at daycare, you'll have to face that other people aren't going to do things exactly the way you do it. I have my daughter in part-time day care because of my classes and it kills me. They're always like "why don't you go shopping or something? You pay for 4 hours a day and you pick her up after only 2 hours" lol. I can't help it. I hate putting her in daycare.
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