Second guesses

I am having second guesses about the girl name that my boyfriend and I chosen. Amelia Evangalee.... We both really like the name Evangalee. But I'm not sure what middle name to put with it??

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      We didn't officially decide on one till I was about 6 or 7 months along. I had made a GIANT list of names I liked and then read them off to her dad and if he didn't like it, we checked it off. Eventually we narrowed it down to 3 names: Whisper, Helena, or Violet, and we went with Violet. My brother and his wife also went through name problems. For their second son, they told everyone it was going to be Kingston, but then the day he was born, they named him Archer instead. They said that when they saw him, Kingston just didn't seem to fit. It's definitely okay to be picky. It's kind of a big deal ;)
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