How to get over your child's father

This isn't an easy topic, and I certainly won't pretend to have all of the answers.

When relationships fail and children are involved it's different than just ending a relationship. If you can. the relationship shouldn't really end. It just changes rules is all. Now you have to co parent and doing that with someone you still need to emotionally get over is hard!

My best suggestion is to give it time. Lots of time. People are human and they can't just shut off emotions. But what we can do is remember why things had to end and try to process how to move on from that.

It is hard though, very hard. If you find it too difficult to cope with don't be afraid to seek counseling. The end of a major relationship or divorce is listed as one of the toughest things an adult may have to deal with.

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    4Milagro Rivera
    It was hard for me with my oldest sons father because he was my first everything. so it took me a few years to get over him.
      I was lucky... I guess... We were a mutual break up.. end of marriage was mutual.. though still the hardest decision and thing I ever did.. Missing someone is never easy no matter how right it may be..

      My heart was broken in college.. Like broken broken and took me at least a year to stop thinking of him every day.. and about 2 to be able to say I was over him..

      I wasn't broken like that after my divorce. I wasn't sad for my kids dad.. I didn't really miss HIM.. I missed what we had and what we were.. and when I was sad it was more for the brokenness of it all.. the family, the hope.. what I thought it would be.. that in itself was terrible to get over..

      It takes time.. healing is everything.. time is everything..
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