i hate when a women comes too me at the store saying how cute I look preg and she doesnt give me time to answer when her hand is on my belly . I can't stand people touching my stomack , bc I belive diffrent people carry diffrent energy source . And I never liked nobody touching me when I don't know them , I hardly give people a hand shake when I meet them. So whn somebody rubs my belly you can see my face changes in .002 sec . I just hate hate hate that . People that do that need to stop !

i first was really nice about it but now I just kinda started not to care bc I think a person should ask you if they can touch your belly. I think its rude just to stick your hand and rub a preg women belly you know . !!!! Bc not all people are nice people and not everybody wishes good things upon another person . I always been kinda to avoid new people that I never know , unless I meet them thru my friends .
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