Long Distance Easter Baskets

This will be the first time I haven't gotten to spend Easter with my sister and niece and nephew since the two of us started having kids five years ago. But since Kaison will be with her father and his family this year for the holiday, I opted to save the trip (and money!) for another time. But I still want to send something to my niece and nephew. I've seen some cool ideas of "Mailable" Easter Baskets, but could use some creative ideas for egg-fillers instead of chocolate and candy that might not make the trip in the mail.
So far, all I've got are some small books (because there is no present-giving occasion that doesn't condone books!), some stickers, little nail-polish bottles for my niece and figurines for my nephew. Aaaaand, that's it :/

    My mother always send the children baskets... but boy wen I look at the shipping costs on the box i cannot believe what it costs to ship!
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