Montessori Option

My daughter has been attending an excelsior academy, which follows the montessori pattern of teaching, for two years now. She goes to "school" four hours a day, three days a week, and that runs about $120 a week. I have found that the rate was very similar for this program both here where I live in Washington and where her father lives in Texas.

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She loves it. She gets to spend her "class" days with other children on her level and she'll talk your ear off about the projects they do and her latest "home work" project we're working on. I like the individual attention she gets with the small "class sizes" - there's only about six students per teacher - which means I get "report cards" every week. It helps guide our fun learning we do at home, so I don't bore her with redundancy. It has definitely been a good way to ease her into the concept and idea of school, but I am pretty excited about her starting a public school kindergarten program this fall.
    i love hearing about alternative schooling options they always intrigue me... thanks for sharing!
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