2 Month Shots! (sad face)

Aw.. man, Mamas! Monroe got the brutal 2 month shots today!

In all actuality, he took them like a champ.. one orally, he loved licking, sucking and drinking it.. and one in each thigh.. the first shot he didn't make a peep, the second.. holy bajeezers! :( But he actually rebounded great and was bright eyed by the time we left.. hooray!

Now tonight.. just like clock work, like the doc said, 6 hours post shots he was sad, mad, achey and not happy.. so awful to see! Thank our stars for baby tylenol he said we could give him.. we've never really seen him that sad or mad or in pain.. but a small tylenol dose and chugged bottle.. and cuddles helped him.. phew!

Tell me Mamas.. how do your shot days go? How were your 2 months?

    Awww poor little Monroe!!! Two months is too young for babies to be tough for shots in my opinion haha, I'm not even old enough to be tough enough!

    Lucas does amazingly every time he gets his. His 2 month included, they always go the same. He loves the oral one every time. The needle shots, the first one always gets a wide eyed shocked face like 'HOLY SHIT WHAT WAS THAT!?!?!?' and he balls his eyes out. He cries through the others and then it's over. Mommy or daddy (usually daddy) holds him until he stops crying (about 10mins) and it's all done! He's his happy self from then on. Maybe slightly cranky the next morning, but that's all. :) No Tylenol needed!
      if I remember correctly our shots went ok... very cranky when it happened but then they slept the rest of the day... easy days were shot days because baby slept!
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