...survival instincts :)

Ha! Honestly.. when you bring that new babe home.. you just do what you have to do those first "however" many weeks.. looking back now, it was all such a blur to be honest.. the days and nights pretty much mixed up, the oodles of diapers, the endless feeding marathons.. it all blurs together, but it's such a beautiful chaos if you ask me :) My hubby and I were up at the most insane hours.. falling asleep to baby snores and odd TV reruns.. helping each other grab the boppy or burp cloth.. and sleeping while we could :) You need to take any and all help that is offered, sleep when that babe sleeps for sure, shower when someone gives you the time to do so (this can help make you feel better!), take the food that is offered, and don't worry about the dang house, laundry or dishes.. :)

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    This is hilarious, but great advice!
      Ah... the reminders! I am so far removed from these days...good reminders!
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