A Mother's Poem (11-13-11)

I wrote this the day that I first saw a sonogram of my daughter.

"I feel like I've just met you
Though I've carried you for months now
And suddenly I love you
Because suddenly you're real

And it breaks my heart to know that
I can't hold you in my arms now
But I'm holding you inside me
And even now can feel you move

I'll hold you high
I'll hold you up
I'll hold you close
I'll hold you tight
And keep you safe
And keep you sound
And keep you in my love forever

Angel Baby
Miracle Mine"

A Mother's Poem (11-13-11)
Moms Expertise
    This is a wonderful poem!
      Melissa Middleton
      Beautiful. I feel the same way about my son.
        I love ur poem, i feel the same too. I always sing a song for him when I take shower :)
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