Night weaning and weaning in general

Hi ladies! Any tips for weaning from breastfeeding? We've been able to drop her morning nursing session as well as nursing before her morning nap, but the rest of the day she is wanting to nurse every two hours. At night she nurses 2-4 times. I'm just beyond tired and I need to get this weaning thing going. She will drink water from a sippy cup and is eating more and more solids.
A typical day looks like this:

7am Breakfast is scrambled eggs and usually a banana muffin
9am water cup and nap time
11am breastfed
12pm lunch is pureed veggies and apple sauce and the other half of her muffin
1pm breastfed and nap
3pm a mum mum packet
5pm breastfed
6pm dinner is pureed veggies, fruit and usually chicken.
8pm breastfed and bed time

She still seems hungry and honestly she just picks at her food, but she is eating more of it. Am I just not feeding her enough solids?

    No real tips... i always weaned easily... but I pumped and gave a bottle which weaned my children off the breast. But still gave breast milk in a bottle or sippy cup
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