When did your baby start sleeping through the night

My son just turned 1 and still gets up several times during the night. He takes his sippy cup and goes back to sleep. I can't give him a pacifier because he won't take it and because he got a whole pacifier stuck inside his mouth so I'm not chancing it again. I have tried giving him a bath a hour before bed time each night to try to calm him down. And nothing seems to be working.

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    Riley was 2 months old when he started sleeping 8 hours through the night, not waking up once, unless he had gas. I used to give him baths before bed time. Rubbed lavender lotion all over and read him a story.. He was breastfed, and i thought he would get up every 4 hours like he was but he never did.. And hes almost 2 now and he still sleeps for 8 hours each night. I guess i got a lucky draw with that, im not sure. Makes it easier on me though for sure. I hope your little one starts to fine tune the sleeping schedule! I know its rough. Best wishes!
      Bailey was sleeping through the night regular around 2 months old. If we don't have to wake her up she sleeps anywhere between 8 to12 hours a night. But what we've done from the beginning is if she does wake up we don't turn on any lights to confuse her and we don't talk to her. If she needs to eat we change her diaper give her a bottle and put her right back down to go to sleep even if she's awake. Sometimes she'll stay up awhile but then she falls back to sleep on her own. Hopefully he'll start sleeping through the night regularly for you because I know its tough to keep wake up throughout the night. Good luck
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