Was excited, anxious, now experiencing fear and frustration!!

Need some serious advice here ladies...... My daughter was born July 3, 2007 I went to the 6 week check up and my OBGYN helped me to decide on the Mirena IUD until I was ready to attempt another child. After 5 years of no complications what so ever and then no monthly cycle to boot! Then in August 2012 there was another replacement made and no problems what so ever, until..... December 2013 since then a monthly cycle has blessed me. After some discussing with my fiance we decided to attempt conception and have the Mirena removed. At an appointment yesterday, my OBGYN informs me that he is unable to locate the strings and has scheduled me for an ultrasound next week to see what has happened to the IUD. He believes is has expelled itself -thus explaining the monthly cycle, I hope for my health that is the case. He did also say worst case senario it will need to be removed through a DNC. At this time I am currently on a prenatal vitamin since yesterday and hoping for the best. Any advise to give, or comments on similar situation will be appreciated! Wondering if the Mirena was a huge hinder on my future ability to conceive??

Yes thank you I have discussed all this with my doctor yesterday although I still don't feel any better regarding the situation. The suppose the fear of the unknown until next week at the ultrasound is what is driving me crazy. That was the next appointment for an ultrasound to see what's up with the Mirena. Just don't know .......
    I would be extremely cautious and not have unprotected sex right now. If the IUD migrated up it might not be working and you might be able to get pregnant but often if you get pregnant with the IUD in place it can be life threatening for both you and baby. Please wait on trying to conceive until you know for sure because I would have for you to lose the baby. Good luck!
      Thank you everyone for your support and comments.... after all, I suppose if it's meant to be to have another child then it will happen eventually. The process of it is just going to be more involved that I had thought. Being cautious at this time is definitely my top priority, my over all productive health is the most important.
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