My child!

I am not sure what Tristen was doing last night but I went in to get him this morning he had his sheet pulled off the mattress, the crib pushed away from the wall, half of his stuff thrown out and he was jumping up and down on the bed just laughing and smiling from ear to ear. Lol It is gonna be a fun, wild day with my boy, the best kind :-)

    He is a wild man but I love it! He cracks me up.
      I walked in there and I was like "what did you do?" Lol he just started laughing. I'm just glad he still had his pajamas on cause those would have been the next thing to go.
      Last night I caught him trying to sneak and drag a dining room chair into his bedroom, as if somehow I wouldn't hear it on the hardwood floors! Lol I don't even want to know what he was planning on doing! Lol
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