Baby Food???

My son will be 3 months on the 18th. He has been eating cereal with a spoon since he was 2 months... (Dr. said its okay) I was just wondering when he could start having other baby foods like Veggies and fruits? He only gets the cereal for supper time normally some time between 5-7. He also only really snacks on bottles during the day. He was drinking 6oz for a few weeks but has gone back down to 3-5 oz during the day. I know he will tell me if he is hungry but since he likes the cereal so much can or should I give him other foods I was going to start with veggies.. or should I wait till he is a certain age? I have friends who say their kids were eating foods at 4 months and other say to wait longer... just looking for some advice. Of course I will ask his Dr but I am just wondering what other mom's have done or are doing.
Thanks :)

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