heres a true story

i was flying a lot too see my husband in ukraine and I am really talkative person so its really easy for me to find a friend or find somebody to talk to to kill time . Everytme I was flying I meet diffrent people , on the way back the last time I was sitting on the plane with a really old woman and she was more talkative then me so we talked and told each other some stories . I then fell asleep with a blanket on me , this oled woman slid her hand under the blanket under my shirt , as soon as I felt her hand I open my eyes and she told me I ampreg with a little girl and ill deliver. Her may 14 at night . It scared me bc I didn't know I was preg myself and I asked her how does she know , well she is a fortineteller . And when I got home I took a test I was preg , my first ultasound with gender is a GIRL . And I won't be serprised if she be right on when I deliver . I am starting to belive fortine tellers . Omg .

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      That is so cool!!!

      I had someone tell me mine once. Let's see if I can remember it. I would have a girl then a boy and would be done (all true). I would meet someone that had a lot of money but they would not be the one for me. Kinda true? Depends on what you call a lot. Then I would meet someone who was not well off but would become very well off after we met and fell in love. Still haven't met him, but I'm keeping my eyes open for my broke Prince Charming, haha.
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