It's a bit of a pet peeve to me, people with children SHOULD know how to drive and have a valid license, especially at the age of 21. It seems like it would be the responsible thing to do and know how to do. You can't always depend on other people to be able to be your personal taxi.

    I agree that it makes sense to be able to transport yourself and your children. At the same time I understand that circumstances may happen where a person just can't get things together so they can have reliable transportation on their own. I had a good friend who didn't get her license until she was about 24 because she never had anyone teach her how to drive. She was beyond happy once she got her license and a car!
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      I also agree with what you're saying. There are circumstances. Where I live you have to have some type of way to get around instead of walk cause everything is so far out. We don't have buses or many taxis either.
        I became a licensed driver when I was 15 years old. They gave me a hardship license after my mother passed away so I could still get to high school. I think the level of necessity probably depends on the area you live in. For me, it's absolutely essential for me to have reliable transportation. We live in a small town away from everything. My daughter and I commute an hour away for my college classes. That's where she goes to day care too. Our doctors are a half hour away from here, in the opposite direction than where we go to school. I think if you lived in a town where everything was local, you could probably have an easier time without a vehicle.
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