Shoes worn in the house?

I've had this discussion before online with people and it seems there is a little bit of a debate here.

Do you wear shoes in your house or do you take them off when you come in?

Do you think it is rude to ask guests to remove their shoes? If you don't wear shows in your home, do you care if guests do?

We don't wear shoes in the house but I don't ask guests to remove theirs.

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      Growing up, we always wore shoes in the house. It wasn't until I met my husband that I started taking them off (at his place, my mom's was filthy and I didnt like going barefoot). It was a carpeting thing, mostly, but it's continued into our lives now. Helps keep the floor clean. We have a little mat by the door where we put our shoes after taking them off. We ask guests to remove theirs, as well. I don't think it's rude...maybe a little strange if you're not used to it, like I wasn't at first, but not rude. My friend Eric's family does it, too. I already vacuum and steam clean the carpet, but I prefer not to add to it with shoe mess.
        NO!!! OMG.. So funny you wrote this.. My nieces were just here a weekend ago.. and both of them kicked their shoes off at the door as do my kids.. I've trained them well.. and my mom trained me.. My mom always said shoes are filthy and carry all sorts of crap.. literally and figuratively..

        First thing we all do, without a word or even acknowledging.. is take our shoes off... and my whole family does it..

        It was a thing in my marriage too... my ex never did it.. and i HATED it.. so gross... lol...

        My kids will ask their friends when they come over to take their shoes off too.. love it..
          Shoes should come off your feet at the front door. It so dirty out in the world and especially so for kids, you don't know what is on their shoes. Once it's tracked in, it gets everywhere! Most people take their shoes off since they see ours at the door when they walk in. I think it is polite to at least ask when entering someone's home. In the winter months, I bring a clean pair of slippers that I wear when I am at someone else's house. Otherwise my feet get so cold!
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