I lost my first when I was 1 month along.

I honestly don't remember crying so hard in my life as much as I did the week I miscarried. I was MISERABLE. God did give me healing over time, but that's what you need to give yourself, TIME. You have every right to grieve the loss of your baby. You will know when the healing is taking place.

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    I agree. I think that women feel like they shouldn't be upset if it's early.. as though, chances are they might never have even known and just had late and heavy period..

    But, I think people forget to take into consideration, not only the loss of the actual baby, but the loss of that excitement and idea and hope and suddenly you things are very different.. and then .. they're not..

    I'm sorry you went through that. My good friend has lost a few before she carried her son all the way through... and it's really hard to see it happen..
      I didn't know I was pregnant with my first until I miscarried. I still went through all the emotions that people who miscarry later or lose their babies do. My heart felt literally broken. I was so unsure of how my grief would be perceived because I hadn't even known about my little one, that I hid it. It took me a while to realize that my hurt no matter how far along I was, was still very real and I had every right and reason to feel the way I did. It is one of the hardest thing to face.
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