Do you volunteer in the classroom?

So this morning I volunteered in Bub's class, he's in fourth grade. I used to volunteer a lot more but as he got older I figured he wouldn't want me around very much. We're still working on his IEP and when I asked the teacher if I could come in for a few hours she was all for it! It was so odd, the people in the office and even the school counselor went on and on about how much they love it when the parents come in to volunteer.

I didn't think it was a big deal at is age, but now I know I will be volunteering more since it is so appreciated!

I know some parents really hate to volunteer, kids are just not their thing. I totally get that and respect it!

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      I don't volunteer because I have two little ones still at home and because I work full time. I just don't have the time to volunteer. We do volunteer for field trips though or class parties.
        I've been either a room mom (Lord help me - lol).. or a weekly volunteer in each of my kids since my son started Kinder 5 years ago - gulp - ...

        THIS is the first year, with my son in 4th and my daughter in 1st that I'm not in there every week.. I was in the beginning, but then work made it really hard if impossible and they go to after school care now.. BUT.. I remain close to the class and the teachers through email. and yesterday I was don't early and got to the school 30 minutes early and peeked in on both my kids..

        My son's 4th grade doesn't have parent volunteers unless it's a field trip.. 4th is pretty no parent kind of stuff.. 1st we are still heavily involved..

        I love that I walk in to their classrooms though and half the kids know my name and come up and hug me.. that's the good part about being in the classes as they've grown..
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