Weird dreams?

Have any of you have weird of strange dreams? I have had two that really stuck out to me. One was creepy and the other was a big sigh of relief I guess you could say.

The creepy dream..

Ok, it started out I was a some house and it was like a party was going on, I walked out the back door (I guess it was the back door?), I had to walk up a really big steep hill. Once I made to the top I came to a farm like place It had a big open field with a fence around it, like the metal fences people have for horses, I went inside of it and once I got inside the fence I started being chased by a demon looking woman with a big long nose and scary face, she had a horse costume thing on and started throwing beer bottles at me and tried to hit me with a bigger bottle, I tried picking them up and throwing them back, and I finally made it to the main gate and crawled out between the bars and as I went to turn around I could see her trying to grab my arm, I pulled away then woke up. CRAZY!!

I assure you I WAS NOT intoxicated at all lol I don't drink nor do drugs.

Now, my good dream (this happened about 5 months ago).. A little back ground first, I lost my mom when I was 11 years old, She only 40 when she passed. I always wondered where she would be right now. Heaven or hell. I'm baptist so i'm a believer.

My brother and I went into a hospital like place and asked for her, they sent us up to the top of the building and the walls and floors where all hard wood, not like a hospital would look, to her door was a wooden fence and wooden gate. When we walked in I saw my mother and to the side I saw a little boy (which I believe would have been my other brother, my mother had a miscarriage before me and after my brother, so he would of been the middle child). My mother had the most beautiful smile on her face, she looked so happy. All she could say to us was "I'm so happy where I am, I can't come home". When I woke up my husband I were getting ready to go hunting, and I just started crying as I told him I had a dream about my mom. I have never felt so much relief in my life. I felt that it was just her way and God's way telling me she was ok and she is in a good place. That dream just made so much sense to me, I told my dad about it and it put him in tears.

I hope no one thinks i'm nuts or anything lol sorry for such a long post I just wanted to share this with you all.

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