How does cervical mucus change throughout your cycle

Cervical mucus is a fluid that is excreted from your cervix. The production of this fluid is controlled by the hormone estrogen. Estrogen and other hormones fluctuate during your monthly cycle and cause your body to ovulate. Changes in your cervical mucus can be a sign that you are about to ovulate. About 72 hour before ovulation to 24 hour after ovulation is your fertile window. During your fertile window you are most likely to get pregnant.

Cervical mucus changes:

After your menstrual period your cervical mucus will be yellow, cloudy, sticky and will be in low volume. You will experience dryness right after your monthly period.

As your body prepares for ovulation your cervical mucus will increase in quantity and will have more moisture. It will be creamy in appearance and texture.

Immediately before ovulation your cervical mucus will be at it's highest quantity and will resemble egg whites. It will be very stretchy and stringy. When you have this egg white cervical mucus you are most fertile and if you are trying to get pregnant you should be having sex regularly.

After ovulation the quantity of your cervical mucus will gradually decline. As the quantity declines it will become thicker in texture and appearance.

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