Train trip??

Anyone taken a train trip recently? With or without kids? My kids leave Saturday for NY to visit their dad and I was looking to go see my mom for a couple of days in SF, but plane tickets from LA to SF are close to $500 round trip.. of course it's not a big warning.. So I was thinking a train.. granted it's a lot longer of a trip, but something about the idea of it appeals to me.. to be trapped in one place, I can read, nap, write...


    A friend of mine just rode the Amtrak from here to Spokane. His only complaint was that it was late at every stop. Not just like a few minutes.. like an hour here, 2 hours there. My bf works for the railroad here and he said it too, he'll see the Amtrak go by and make a comment about how late it is.

    I haven't been on it yet.. but it's way cheaper than gas at this point. Let us know if you decide to go, I'd like to know how it went.
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