napping and sleeping at night

my son is 5 1/2 months old and doesn't take long naps about a 1/2 hour long. I've tried so many different ways and still doesn't seem to be happening. He sleeps alright at night. He's in the bed with me and my husband ( I'm trying to get him out of it) and has been waking up every 2-3 hours. I'm not sure if his gums are bothering him or if it is just a phase. Seems like he has been teething since he was 2 1/2 months old and still no little tooth yet. I'm one tired mommy and want to get stuff done around the house. Any suggestions??

    It will come Amanda, I know how frustrating it is but this time is so short. It sounds like Charlie too, he's been drooling a TON and chewing on things but no signs of teeth. Charlie sleeps with us some times if he's not feeling well but for the most part sleeps in the bassinet. You may have to finally make that switch and get him into a crib. If he's sleeping with you there may just be something that's waking him up at night. Good luck!
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        I actually think that napping well during the day helps with the nighttime sleep. I know it sounds backwards, but overtired babies have more adrenalin and so sleep worse at night. I'd really work on that daytime nap. Get outdoors before the nap and play vigorously and then wind things down. During the night, I wouldn't automatically feed him every time he wakes up. Just try patting/rocking and see if he goes back to bed without it. He may be using you as a pacifier to soothe himself back to sleep. And last thing, try to put him to sleep (either daytime or night) when he is still slightly awake. Don't breasfteed him to sleep each time or he will expect that for every little awakening. (I've read every sleep book written, by the way!! My first was a BAD sleeper.)
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